The Falcon’s Nest

Spotting a peregrine right when it is going to land on a ledge of rock was pure luck. Definitely, I would have never noticed it without reading a placard along the trail explaining that it is a breeding species in this area. Or maybe, I would have labeled it as the usual buzzard. Interpretive signage: not just for kids!

This incredible encounter happened at Moscheta Abbey, near Firenzuola along the CAI 713 (GEA) trail, that goes down the Val d’Inferno (“Hell Valley”). A lovely place, in spite of its name. The only hellish thing here is the terror of the tiny animals that are hunted by this deadly superpredator.

Location of the supposed falcon’s nest

We particularly like this bird of prey because of his ability to swoop down at over 300 km/h. His streamlined body makes him a perfect flying machine and the fastest of all animals.


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