Pisciatore Waterfall

Trail type: out and back

Lenght: 8 km return

Duration: 45′ to waterfall – 1h 30′ return

Elevation: lowest point: 868 m, highest point 1242 m
From the spring of the River Nera near Castelsantangelo we take the paved road with the lovely village of Vallinfante on our left. At the end of the village we turn right and take a gravel road. The trail is not marked by CAI but we get to the waterfall without problems thanks to the pebble arrows placed at crossroads and to the detailed directions on the website “Trekking Monti Azzurri”.

During the first part of the trail we see an incredibly large number of butterfly. We walk past a little church. We’re annoyed by the summer dampness, but the final part is shadowed as the wood becomes thicker and beech becomes the prevailing tree species. The temperature drops drastically in the clearing at the base of the waterfall, and the pleasant cool sensation is our price for completing this walk.

The Pisciatore waterfall is an easy walk suitable for a hot summer day, also thanks to the possibility to fill up bottles with fresh water at the trailhead.

Trust me: you don’t want to know what “pisciatore” means.


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