Spring Walks

We like to hike on our own, but from time to time we don’t mind letting others guide us. It’s a good chance to discover lesser-known places, and one can only learn from people who are more experienced. In the last two months we took part in three hikes organized by the Park of the Sasso Simone and Simoncello.

The first one was the 7th of April at the Furlo Gorge, on Mount Pietralata. Once on top, I was surprised to find out that the famous face of Mussolini is not carved in the stone as it could appear from a distance. It is actually a pile of square stone blocks. I had assumed it was a sculpture like the faces of US Presidents on Mount Rushmore. The highlight of the day was watching the nest of a brooding eagle, through a monocular provided by the Forestry. The hatch was near: a few days later, the eaglets were born and the nest can now be watched live on a webcam. At the time I’m writing this, only one nestling is left. It has survived the siblicide that results in the strongest chick prevailing on the others.

Wiew from the nose…or was it the chin?!

The 5th of May walk started with a visit to the Monastery of Montefiorentino, which keeps an altarpiece by Giovanni Santi, Raphael’s father. The friar who acted as a guide repeatedly stressed the fact that the cloister, rather than a heritage site, is therefore a place of worship.

The 19th of May, as a part of the European Day of Parks we reached the Sanctuary of  Mount Carpegna from S. Lorenzo. The day was windy and a bit rainy, but we didn’t mind it since it gave us an awesome changeable sky, with continuous light variations that made every single shade of the spring landscape stand out.


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