Relics of a Hard Life

Rio d’Olmo

These ruins stand on the old road to the abandoned village of Pietrapazza, one of the many ghost towns in the Apennines, like San Paolo in Alpe, Casanova dell’Alpe or Pian del Grado.

This is a really nice walk. From Bagno di Romagna we took the road to Mandrioli Pass and left the car at Nocicchio. Then we took trail n.201 to Mt. Carpano Pass. The road is not steep at all (I hate starting with a hard climb – unless it’s very cold, then it’s great for warming up). There we stopped a few minutes to enjoy the gorgeous viewpoint:


View on the Apennine ridge

Then we kept left on trail 209, passed the tumbledown house in Rio D’Olmo, and descended all the way to the bottom of the valley. We got to Pietrapazza just in time to take shelter from a sudden rainstorm by creeping in a woodshed.


The church of Pietrapazza

Apart form a few scattered wall pieces, what is left of the hamlet is only a church, a house, a cemetery and a stone bridge. There is even a commemorative stone in memory of the last villager. It must have been a though life for him and the other people who spent their existence facing the hardship of mountain life in isolated dwellings in the woods.


The last resident

The cemetery

The cemetery

But it was the waterfall I was looking forward to see again. Now it’s quite dry, in spite of the summer storm, which was copious but very brief.


The waterfall


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