Firenzuola di Focara and its Beach

Even in the middle of the summer, we feel too active to be satisfied with a relaxing but boring day at the beach. For us there’s nothing better than a short hike, mainly in the shade, possibly ending with a plunge in the sea. Last year we settled forĀ Conero Crossing; this year instead we contented ourselves with the nearby Gabicce promontory, and discovered the trails of Mount St. Bartolo.

We followed trails n.115 + 115a as shown by the online map on the website of the Natural Park of Mount St. Bartolo. The walk takes about 45′ – 1 h (one way).

We park on the SS Adriatica in Le Logge. Signs or directions are missing, and because the red and white sign that marksĀ  the beginning of the trail can’t be seen from the road, we drive around a bit trying to locate the place. However, it’s a group of only a few houses south of Siligata, 7 km south of Cattolica.

From here we walk up a steep and narrow trail. Although the walk is short and not particularly difficult, and the destination is the seashore, I wouldn’t recommend dressing “beach style”. It may be better to wear long trousers and maybe use a mosquito repellent lotion, as the first part of the trail is invaded by plants and swarming with insects.

After reaching a road, we walk left for a while. Then, after crossing the “Panoramica San Bartolo” road by a kiosk called “Il Sorpasso”, we get at a crossroads and take left towards Firenzuola di Focara. The trail on the right leading to the beach is an alternative, but I don’t recommend it because the trail is in a bad state, plagued by thorny plants and however it doesn’t shorten the way that much.


We go on until we meet a paved road again. We ignore the climb on the left which only leads to a graveyard and continue to the right entering the village, where we stop at a bar for a juice. Here begins the most spectacular part of the walk, with beautiful views on the Adriatic Sea.



From Fiorenzuola we zigzag down the switchback to the beach, where we go for a swim and rest for an hour, until as early as 5 pm the shadow of Mount St. Bartolo falls down the beach causing the tourists to swarm away. Rested and refreshed we go back up the same way as before. A shuttlebus goes back and forth, but it’s not worth taking it as the bus doesn’t stop near the beach, but almost haf way up the climb. The road is closed to the traffic and you can only drive to Firenzuola. We may have sweated more than the rest, but at least we avoided parking problems!


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