From Lavazé to Oclini Pass


Map: Tabacco n°014 Val di Fiemme – Lagorai – Latemar: Alpine Pearls trail – CAI n°2

Brochure “Piste da fondo” trails 2 + 3

Trail type: out and back

Lenght: 4 Km

Elevation: starting point 1805 m, ending point 1989 m

Duration: 1 h 40′ to Oclini – 2h 40′ return

Our winter Holiday in Val di Fiemme was tricky, because we had to plan hikes in an area we’re not familiar with. It’s hard to pick a trail when there’s not enough snow: it’s not thick enough for snowshoes but almost too thick for a regular walk. Although the trails are marked, the track is not always visible and it’s easy to get confused. Ice is treacherous and sometimes hidden by a thin layer of snow. Also, days are shorter, and you have to be careful not to waste precious daylight time by going the wrong way. In the summer it’s a completely different story: but in winter, we’d rather not venture on a trail that might turn too slippery or invisible or closed or intersecting ski pistes.

The 28th of January we used this easy walk as stretching after a morning of skiing on the trails of Lavazé, a big cross-country ski center where only 3 Km out of 80 were open – thanks to artificial snow. However, 3 Km where plenty of us beginners, and the non-existent muscles in my arms couldn’t have endured any further. My legs are in good shape, but the upper part of my body really lacks strenght.

From the parking at Lavazé Pass we walk to Malga Varena on a path that runs along the road. It’s so cold, about -7°C: we’re just started and my hand is already frozen just because I took off one glove for a few seconds to read a text. Besides, while answering the phone we halt in the parking leeward of the snow-cannon, which strokes us glancingly with its icy spray, making us feel more or less like this.

Verso Malga Varena

Towards Malga Varena

Malga Varena

Snowpark at Malga Varena (1841 m)

From here the trail gets into the pine wood and becomes more interesting: we’re still near the road but cars can’t be seen nor heard, and crossing a bridge we notice a placard indicating the presence of a biotope.

No, la foto non è in bianco e nero. Sembra.

No, it’s not a b&w photo. Just looks like one.

In less than an hour we get to Malga Ora. The place is open. Outside the restaurant, we are welcomed by a peacock perched on a stump. Wait, what’s a bird like that doing here? It just doesn’t fit in the monochrome, polar landscape. Indeed, it looks uncomfortable, one leg held up, like our lovebird does at the start of winter, hinting it’s about time to turn on that heating.

Malga Ora

Malga Ora (1872 m)

At this point the road becomes a trail, and the incline increases. We pass by a turret. Every time there is an opening in the foliage we manage to capture some lovely views.

Il birdwatcher che è in noi viene fuori. Dobbiamo salire.

The birder in us is stirred. We must climb.

IMG_0086 IMG_0089

We reach the Corno Bianco chairlift, then we are almost in sight of our destination: Oclini Pass. We’d gladly stop at the hotel for a cup of tea, but it’s too crowded with skiers. The names of the two peaks overlooking the pass, Corno Bianco (White Horn) and Corno Nero (Black Horn) fit perfecly with today’s palette, which is definitely gray scale.

We turn around and in about an hour we’re back to the parking, only to come across the regrettable sight of Adventure Dot horribly scratched by some dope who probably dropped a ski on the car door.

Corno bianco

Corno Bianco (White Horn)

Corno nero (a me però sembra più nero l'altro).

Corno Nero (Black Horn). Well, the other looks blacker to me.


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