Happy Feet


The bar-headed goose is considered an ornamental bird. But this good-looking waterfowl has much more to show off than beautiful feathers: it is a true mountain bird.

The species is native to Central Asia, where it breeds around mountain lakes and during migration flies across Himalaya. No human being will ever be able to equal this goose,  as it developed physiological adaptation which would make the fittest mountaineer turn green with envy. A remarkable phisical build, with large and muscular wings, blood rich in haemoglobin, and  capacious lungs make it possible for it to endure conditions at a high altitude, where air is thinner. Moreover, in hipoxic conditions it can hyperventilate without problems, unlike humans. Thanks to these features the Anser indicus qualifies as the world’s highest-flying bird.

However, at Bucci Park in Faenza our bar-headed goose performs for a crust of bread. It has got a family to support. It could have flewn as high as mount Everest, but it had to be content with entertaining people at a local pond. Enjoy our clip in which a goose anxious to receive its daily meal performs a peculiar “dance” stepping on its own feet.

No goose or duck was harmed in the shooting of this video. Except giving waterfowl stale bread is not a very good idea, as it is not nutritious for them and can cause overfeeding and lead to a condition called “angel wing”, as in this guy below.


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