Big Snow

The other day in Badia Prataglia, 70+ cm of soft snow. The white perfection of a nearly intact forest looked so inviting to snowshoers.

Someone was there before us and opened the path. Later, a skier coming down from Fangacci to Capanno drew two parallel tracks. Finally, someone else passed wearing moon boots and spoiled the whole thing.


3 responses to “Big Snow

  1. That’s exactly what happened to my trail in Massachusetts. It was perfectly flat with snowshoers and skiiers, and then someone went through with boots on and dotted the trail with foot-deep footprints :p

    • Those footprints were knee-deep! It turned a very easy walk into an obstacle course. That guy (or girl, judging from the size) has walked for about an hour in 70 cm of snow. I wonder who made her do it, mustn’t have been very enjoyable…

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