Autumn in the Forest. Acquacheta Waterfall

The magic of autumn in the most poetic place of the Romagna Apennines.

E’en as the river, that first holds its course
Unmingled from the Mount of Vesulo,
On the left side of Apennine, toward
The east, which Acquacheta higher up
They call, ere it descend into the vale,
At Forli, by that name no longer known,
Rebellows o’er Saint Benedict, roll’d on
From the Alpine summit down a precipice,
Where space enough to lodge a thousand spreads;
Thus downward from a craggy steep we found
That this dark wave resounded, roaring loud,
So that the ear its clamour soon had stunn’d.

Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy (Inferno, XVI, 94-102).


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