Disclaimer: we are neither hiking guides, nor mountaineers. We are not professional photographers. We are just two people who made up their mind to spend their little free time trying to make sense of words like “blister”, “dehidration” and “exposure”.

This blog tells about our walks and our amateur attempts at natural photography and birding. We also enjoy day trips by car or motorbike to discover historical, artistic and architectural heritage in medieval villages of central Italy, and taste typical food in country festivals, restaurants and – why not? – directly from the tree.



Sonia – My mountain passion was first triggered by a holiday I spent in the Dolomites as a child. The problem is that the Alps are far from where I live, and a week in August in overcrowded Canazei is not the best setting to appreciate nature.

Then one day, in 2009, I was looking for some directions on google maps. Then, I noticed a large green spot right in the middle of the route: I zoomed and the writing “National Park” appeared. There was than a national park not far from where I live and I didn’t know? I had to catch up!


Stefano – His walking history starts in 2009, too. That year his interest for the middle ages and photography urges him to drive around central Italy like a spinning top. He works nights and travels days, a candle burning at both ends. One day, stooping to pick up someting he had dropped on the floor, he notices two appendages and finds out he has feet. This discovery will change his life forever.


At twenty, we used to do what everyone else was doing.

At thirty, our curiosity and the need to experiment a more authentic lifestyle took us to the woods.

So we started walking the trails of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines: the Casentino Forests, the Marecchia Valley, the Montefeltro with its castles, the Tuscan Romagna. Sometimes we still go to the Dolomites, but very seldom. The Alps are spectacular; but the Apennines are a new discovery every time.

One does not need to go to the end of the world, to live an adventure.


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